Welcome to the Wandering Warthog TRAVEL AND WELLNESS GUIDE, who loves to travel, eat, sleep and have fun while exploring new places. Our Warthog is a Sow – her name is Aerial because her tail does not stand up like an aerial, like other warthogs when she is running, but we don’t want her to know that. Like most warthogs we are always busy looking for the next best root to dig up or new adventure to go on. We love being social at the waterholes and meeting new people from different Nationalities. We want to travel the world and bring you all the best spots to visit. Follow our tail as we trot along. We love you – our fans, warts and all 🙂

TAILS: Follow the tail of our warthog and see where it is going to next, from travelling to new destinations or flying to faraway places.  While enjoying life and meeting new people, we easily adapt in new places, no matter the season. So come and listen as we share our tales of far and wide.

BURROWS: A place to lay your head and sleep in peace, we search for the best places to stay with great ambience, good locations and special spots from 5* hotels to guest houses and self-catering establishments is where you will find our Aerial.

ROOTS: Always looking to dig up a good root to eat, from fancy restaurants, hidden eateries, picnic spots to Local Cuisine. We love learning to cook local dishes while mingling with the people. We enjoy discovering great coffee shops, unique places and wine farms, practically anywhere where we can enjoy a good tasty root or taste the Traditional drink. We will even share some recipes for you to try.

WATERHOLES:  This is where travel stories, sequels and simple truths are shared. What happens at the watering hole stays at the watering hole; well that was when there was no internet 🙂 So as we trot along searching for the next big thing and stopping for a refreshing drink along the way,  we venture from one waterhole to the next, meeting and chatting to others.

MUD BATHS: Spa treatments and accommodation that offer Spa facilities are very essential in a warthog’s life, we love to wallow in mud baths and be treated.

SOUNDER: A family group of warthogs is called a sounder. This is where the whole group goes together to meet other sounders and characters from other cities. We enjoy social events, Theatre shows, festivals, live concerts and doing tours whilst learning about all the interesting places.

TIDBITS: Sometimes it’s the small things that count. Useful bite size tips on gadgets, travelling items or great books. Tips and info we collect along the path that we want to share with you.

CONTACT US:  You can also oink us with invites to visit new places or squeal and tell us about interesting things to do. We promise not to growl or snort back.