Zanzibar-Fairy Dust

Zanzibar-Fairy Dust

Day Three:
Today we ready to see more of the village and visit the infamous beaches. We ready to get that Zanzibar tan and embrace the warm crystal clear blue waters as we have seen on every brochure of Zanzibar. Yes the Zanzibar beaches that are so well marketed. Beach holidays in Zanzibar seems so luxurious and romantic, only to discover that the tide goes out very far. Metres and metres away, we have to go and walk to go and enjoy a short dip in the warm waters, walking through lots and lots of seaweed. Zanzibar waters that are too hot to cool down and too much seaweed to really enjoy. Suddenly we realize Zanzibar is nothing like what we expected. But no place I know has better white beach sand like Zanzibar, castor sugar fine white sand, and as you walk your feet sink into the sand it is so soft, almost feels like you are floating. As I bend down to touch it, it glides through my fingers, gently and softly. I sit for a while, lost in thought as my hands automatically play with the sand, feeling the softness and smoothness of such fine white sand, fairy dust.

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We walk to a local beach bar and order the drink of the day – Coconut milk. They dress it up with a little flower on the straw and whola you drinking an Island drink. Fresh Coconut milk is so delicious when you are sipping it out of a coconut.

The tide is out, and all the ladies are farming seaweed. They sit in a circle with their sarongs on, in the water. Another group of ladies are taking out Punga – looks like a fish tail mussel, called punga as it looks like a punga. Not sure if that is the real English name, but can’t google or find it anywhere.

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As we walk back from our dip, we see the largest starfish ever – the size of my foot. Wow, what an amazing sight, and some beautiful shells in the water, unusual shells, stunning shells.  Even though there are no waves, the sand is soft and the water is warm, the atmosphere is beautiful and it feels like years are coming off your life, all stress melts away. I have fallen in love with Zanzibar.

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We got some more vegetables for dinner tonight, they have a limited supply. Most of the vegetables still have the soil on. Arrived late to make dinner, by then all the geckos where out, didn’t enjoy the stress of cooking and wondering if they would fall off the ceiling. Dogs fed, plants watered, up to our room for the night with fans on to keep the room cool.


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