Zanzibar-Goodbye South

Zanzibar-Goodbye South

Day Six:
We leave our house sitting job today, water the plants, feed the dogs, and hand over the keys. Our taxi and tour guide Ali is ready for us, and we are ready for them. Still cautious I ask him to show me his tour guide card to make sure we  are getting into a safe car and that he is a proper Tour guide, we have never met him and I don’t want to be part of the headlines in the paper tomorrow. He is registered and I feel at ease. Our day can begin. Good bye South East coast till we meet again. I will miss the chillies from the garden and the lemon grass which I boiled and made lemon grass tea.

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Our day includes a tour to Stone Town and a Spice Tour and then a transfer to the North. We are so excited for the next part of our Island trip, and all of a sudden it feels like we are no longer strangers. We are used to the sandy roads and pathways that promise surprises, handling the money and trying to barter here and there, the heat and the warm ocean waters are now part of our life.

We drive to Stone Town, Zanzibar Urban/West, Tanzania where we have only seen it at night on arriving from the airport. The streets are the same, pot holes everywhere and half build houses. Men on motorbikes with the woman sitting behind them in a lady fashion style. Heads covered and one leg over the other, they sit, no one wears a helmet. Men cycling past carrying all kinds of things from plenty of plastic containers, some with so many fruit that I am not sure how they see the road. Dala-dala’s pass transporting goods, people and live stock. Our minds are racing, our eyes darting everywhere, trying to take in everything. There are no streets lanes guiding any motorists, there are no rules only hooters buzzing everywhere. Everyone has a place to go and everyone is in a hurry. We pass stalls selling fruit, food and furniture on the side of the roads. We quickly take photos as we travel, with no time to focus, we snap away.

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We are on the way to do a Stone Town and Spice tour, to find out more about our day click here


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