Zanzibar-Shower Stop

Zanzibar-Shower Stop

Day Seven:
So here we are, on the other side of the Island and half way through our holiday already. Wow our friend’s place is so beautiful; it is not just a house but a home. It is clean and tidy and right on the beach. There are no glass windows but it has mosquito nets on all the windows and doors. I found one little gecko, now that is not bad! I can handle that! Her home is simple and cosy, upstairs is her room with a little balcony in real Zanzibar style, with a wooden bench to sit on, sarongs draping and she has a 4 poster bed, and it is beautiful. Downstairs is the kitchen, bathroom and lounge, also leading out to a patio. She rents the flat at the back of a house.  I notice that in this house and the house that we house-sat that there is no Television, no microwave and no toaster. Also the pots in Zanzibar are different, they have no handles and it is all in silver. Each pot fits into the other. There is no grater, but the strainer doubles up as one. I need to buy me one as a reminder of Zanzibar. Our friend works everyday and only has Fridays off, so we only see her in the evenings and join her for an early morning coffee. We have no fan, and it is even hotter in the North, also more humid, the clothes take longer to dry.

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On the beach are lounges made out of wood and rope, we sit and enjoy the scenery and on the spur of the moment decided to take a walk, and everything was so interesting that we walked further than planned.  Not planning on doing a long walk, we were not well prepared with no water bottles, no suntan lotion, no money on us and we had not even eaten yet. I know crazy! We had our camera with and every sight needed to be captured. Plus the sand was so soft and with every step our feet sunk into the sand, felt like we were on a cloud.  We saw them fixing the thatch on the beaches, and we discovered coral washed up on the shore, and lots and lots of beautiful shells everywhere.  We even noticed little sand crabs that was just as white as the sand, so camouflaged they were, with little black eyes watching you. They would jump as well that I think they enjoyed giving us frights.

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En route we stopped at a little guest house on the beach and had to have a shower by the pool area, I know right. We were so grateful they said we could, I think they thought we were crazy or something. We felt like we were going to pass out and we could not even order a drink. The water on this side of the Island is so much more salty, that drinking out of a tap at home seems like a dream. We were so hot and the ocean shore was covered with seaweed. To go in and swim you had to walk in quite a distance before you could enjoy the swim, but the water was so warm that it was not an option. We had to stop and catch our breath from the heat. I felt like I was stranded on an Island with nothing, we had walked so far from our little hideout. By the time we got back we were sun burnt and thirsty. We could not make the breakfast quick enough, fried onions and corned meat.

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We spend the rest of the day just relaxing and repacking bags. We also met the lady that takes cares of the property – Fatima; she does not speak English and quietly goes around doing her thing in the house. The owner has cute Vervet monkeys as pets, so we enjoyed feeding them a bit through an opening; they each had their own personality. We also saw today men climbing coconut trees to get to the coconuts, it looks so easy, and I really want to try that sometime. Tonight we had an early dinner and went to bed. We had not slept well last night because of the heat, so we were a little exhausted from the heat as well as lack of sleep.

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