Zanzibar-Bells ringing

Zanzibar-Bells ringing

Day Nine:
This morning Patyma woke me up very early; I threw my sarong over my PJ’s and ran outside with her. It was a local selling bread on his bicycle, I chose 5 small loaves of bread from his basket, trying to find the biggest. A short while later I heard another bell ringing and ran outside quickly to tell him to wait, there was no time to throw a sarong over my shoulders this time. Then Patyma came and I quickly ran inside to get the sarong to cover myself. I think he wandered where I came from, as this would be the first time he saw me. I paid for 5 fish and he put them in a packet for me. They are tiny little fish that he sells, and there were hundreds in his basket still.

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The local’s cycle pass everyday and ring their bells; a certain ring tells the locals what they are selling, it is either bread loaves or fish. They do their rounds early in the morning with big baskets of bread or fish attached to the back of their rides. When the locals hear the bell ringing, they run outside and call to the vendor that they want to buy. The locals prefer to buy fresh bread and have just enough for the day, hence the mini loaves, because of the heat the bread will get mouldy. It is only the men that cycle and sell. It really does make a difference living like a local and understanding their culture than just being in a hotel and ordering room service. I was excited for my fish and bread purchases today. Patyma cleaned it for me as I watched, and then she fried it, it was delicious!!

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Today we learnt the names of the 2 monkeys, they are Max and Lulu. Each Vervet monkey has his own personality. We tried to feed them, by putting our hand through the latch and holding some fruit. Max was shy, but Lulu came to get the fruit. They also have their own little toys in the cage. They are adorable.


At our friends place we also found some lemongrass growing in the garden, and I made some tea from the leaves, hopefully it will help to stop the mosquitos biting me.

This afternoon we took a walk to our friend’s work and had a swim and relaxed by the beach. After work she took us with her to meet some of her other friends and we all went out for dinner to a place called Wakiki.  We ordered pizzas but they were not so great, dinner choices are limited unless you eating in a hotel. The locals were also playing soccer, a worldwide sport that brings people together.

We arrived quite late from our dinner and our friend told us about the bush baby’s that live near the house.  When she puts fruit out for them, they come to get it. We wanted to see them, so we put some fresh mango slices out for them on a plate. She said they love mango and we hoped they would smell the fresh sweet fruit. We switched the lights off and we sat on the ground quietly. We waited and waited and finally heard their call. We crept to the window and saw the one pop his head around the corner to see if we watching him, just his head and big ears could be seen, he was so cute. His big eyes watched us, and then he disappeared. We waited patiently again and heard them call again to each other. They smell the fruit and call the others to come. We never saw him again, just heard him jump on the table and grab a fruit and run. We wanted to wait some more, but we were so exhausted from the day that we fell asleep. Tomorrow we will try again.

It was another amazing day, I think I could live here forever. I have fallen in love with this Island, I have fallen in love with Zanzibar, the simple lifestyle and food from the earth. Even the heat was not bothering me anymore. We all slept well and enjoyed the fan.


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