Day Ten:
We were so tired this morning from all the excitement last night, we did not even wake up when our friend went to work like we normally do. Found out about Chumbe Island last night and we really want to go… The Bush baby’s had fun eating the entire fresh mango that we had put out for them; the plate was empty when we got up this morning. Maybe tonight we will try again to watch them.


There are coconut trees everywhere, and as the coconuts drop to the ground the locals pick them up and use them, otherwise some climb the tree to take them off. They drink the coconut milk and use the coconut to wash clothes, and grate some of it and use it as rice. Patyma showed us how to break open a coconut; she made it look so easy. We are fascinated by the simple life they lead, and how they learn to survive on the Island. It is part of Zanzibar culture that every household has a special coconut grater or serrated knife (kibao cha) to scoop and grate the coconut out.

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Otherwise we never did much, read a bit and suntanned on the beach. Had an afternoon nap with the fan on and packed our bags. Tonight we ate an early pasta dinner. We put watermelon out for the bush baby’s and waited a bit to see if they would come, but with the lights off and the stillness of the place, we decided to sleep with happy thoughts and relaxed minds. Our days here on the Island are coming to an end, and we trying to absorb everything. Tonight is our last night here at our friends beautiful spot.

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