Jacobs Bay Backpackers – Enter at own risk

Jacobs Bay Backpackers – Enter at own risk

Definition of Rustic :ˈrʌstic
  1. 1.of or relating to the countryside; rural.
  2. 2.
    made in a plain and simple fashion, in particular:
    plain, simple, homely, unsophisticated, homespun
    Synonyms: peasant:
    rough and ready

Rustic versus Clean. I have realized I have a slight problem with places advertising Rustic accommodation – they should rather say Rustic & clean or Rustic Bunda bashing.

Jacobs Bay also known as Jacobsbaai is situated on the West Coast of South Africa, about 150 km from Cape Town, and was formed in the mid 1990’s. A relaxing and small beach town with nothing to do except enjoy the sounds of the ocean and the beach. Jacobs bay has 7 coves in which to tan, swim (chilly but refreshing) and surf – and fresh fish, mussels and lobster are on your doorstep, all for the cost of a small licence fee. When the sun goes down in Jacobsbaai, visitors have an unobstructed view of a spectacular sunset over the sea. The closest mall is the West Coast Mall (over 80 stores) in Vredenburg about 14km from Jacobs Bay.

Seemed like the perfect place to getaway and just relax. Ready for some R&R we booked at Jacobs Bay Backpackers “The Plot” – listed as a Rustic getaway.

I don’t mind rustic – but I do believe that the word Rustic can not come on its own. It either should say Rustic and Clean or Rustic and Rough.

The Manager that greeted us as we checked in was very accommodating and very nice. The “Plot” as it is referred to, is quite large and has many different barbeque spots. There is a “West Coast pool” which is a large cold water tiled big bath that you can dip in. We did not make use of it. They also have under cover barbeque spots/places for if it rains.

The communal kitchen was filthy. We stayed 2 nights and not once were the place cleaned. From the stove to the floor was filthy. There were lots of cutlery, crockery, pots – but not in good condition. We washed everything in boiling water before we used it. Everyone must clean their own mess, which most I saw did. But the overall place was filthy and the staff did not come in to check or tidy.

The rooms were dusty and under the beds had not been vacuumed for months. The bedding was clean though. We survived and made a barbeque every night.

Would I recommend it, not unless you like rustic and rough! If you have OCD you will not make it. I am fussy about everything being really clean and it must appeal to me to want to cook in a pot or fry an egg in a pan. You are using crockery/cutlery that strangers have eaten and cooked with in a communal kitchen and you need to feel comfortable that it is clean from all germs.

The other real problem that I had was the rooster. They have a rooster on the property that sometimes attacks people! Early on the second morning I heard a big commotion and someone screaming “catch the rooster” and was not sure what that was about. Later in the afternoon my friend was walking from the kitchen with sandwiches to barbeque and the rooster attacked her! For no reason, she just walked past! The nail of the roosters toe was in her leg, we had to take it out. The Manager and Owner were not around at the time, only the farm workers and they mentioned that it happens regularly.

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Now if clients are paying for accommodation and you have a rooster loose on the premise that is NOT acceptable at all. Yes granted there is a sign as you enter the “Plot” that says “Enter at your own risk” but then you should be informed of what that risk is. Secondly you should not have a rooster that attacks people on accommodation that people pay for. I was livid at the blood pouring down her leg. The next day the bruises from the attack were shocking.

The Owners daughter came that evening to apologize and said that it was done and there is nothing she can do about it. The Rooster is a fierce big male and strong and she can’t blame him. What?? Not sure what she was smoking?? Really?? She had little sympathy for my friend as the Rooster seems to rule the roost. She spoke very highly of the Rooster. She could see I was not impressed. The next morning she came and gave a small jar of jam as an apology.

That much said if you have small children I would say it is a huge risk you take to book your relaxing holiday there. Children or adults, there are other places to book and enjoy and that are cleaner.

Like we said – go and enter at your own risk – if you think this is for, here are the details http://www.jacobsbaybackpackers.co.za


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