Underberg – Bushman’s Nek

Underberg – Bushman’s Nek

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Arriving at the Bushman’s Nek Berg and Trout Resort  Lodge after travelling on a dusty and gravel road, the welcome drinks were most welcoming. The choice of tea/coffees, juice or a nice shot of sherry to warm the cockles of your heart was well accepted. Fireplaces lit added to the warming welcome after a long day. We checked in and received our bag with the remote for the television and the weekly programme.

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We were booked into a log cabin with a fireplace. They supply your logs and wood for your first fire, thereafter you can purchase wood from the shop adjacent to the reception desk. Our cabin was comfortable and had a bath, fireplace and amazing mountain views, what more could I ask for? The kitchen is also fully kitted out with a microwave and a stove, kettle, toaster,fridge and everything you would need to cook on. On arrival I knew I had made a mistake and should of booked for longer, 4 nights was just too short for this amazing place.

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They have a wonderful weekly programme to keep children and adults entertained. There were quizz night, games night and bingo nights. I love playing Bingo and was excited to see it on the programme,  as so few places these days offer bingo. We played a few games of Bingo and almost everyone at the resort took part. A great place to meet other like-minded people and exchange tips on what to do. We met some lovely people.


There is also a large lounge area with lots of fireplaces as well as lots of small social areas that you can sit and chat in private, from chairs to loungers. The restaurant also serves a specialty every night and was well priced. They had an Italian evening with pasta and pizza, a Curry evening and a buffet another night. Most early evenings everyone is around the pool area, watching the sunset and having a drink. The views are magical. They have 2 swimming pools, one heated and one cold to enjoy for whichever season you arrive. A big beautiful swing bed to rest on at a slight distance away so you can be in peace to read a book. Lots of pool loungers to sit in the afternoon and relax by were available. FB_IMG_1500927871454 FB_IMG_1500927889726     FB_IMG_1500927874260 FB_IMG_1500927886604  FB_IMG_1500927880424 FB_IMG_1500927883951

The resort also offers a Spa – La Vita Spas for treatments, single or couples. See my review on this here http://www.wanderingwarthog.com/blog/2017/07/15/la-vita-spa-bushmans-nek-drakensberg/

What is nice about the Resort is the friendliness and peace. Even though their are families and lots of people, you don’t feel crowded. There are some books on a table that you can read, games to play or a puzzle to do. They have managed to create an atmosphere of leisure and rich luxury Victorian feel where time does not mean money. It is all about relaxation and peace at Bushmans Nek. A cleaning lady comes every day to clean your cabin, and there is no reason to not feel relaxed and rejuvenated when you leave this beautiful place. They also offer hotel rooms for those that purely want to relax and not cook at all. You could quite easily stay at the Resort for a week and not drive or go anyway as there is just so much to do and so tranquil to enjoy and refresh the soul. To make bookings http://www.bushmansnek.co.za



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