The best seat on a flight?

The best seat on a flight?

Have you ever chosen a seat on the plane, and as it takes off, you realize you have chosen the wrong seat, or wrong row. Or wished you had paid for a better seat. Well we hope this little bit of information will help you make the right choice in choosing where to sit on your next flight. Enjoy! This is purely my own opinion, but I am sticking with it. So to choose the best seat on a flight, continue reading….

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People that choose front row seats feel they have places to go and people to meet. If you don’t have much patience then these seats are you for. You want your meals first, you want to get off the plane first, and you don’t want to be disturbed with people walking past you all the time. Your aim is one day to sit in 1st Class and being near the front makes you feel you halfway there.

Those that choose seats in the middle rows are people that like to gamble or look for opportunity. Once the plane has landed they sometimes have a choice of getting out in the front or the back, whichever row is going quicker, they choose. They are also very pleasant people and happy to wait for their meals, knowing they not the last and not the first, but that they will still have a choice when the meal arrives. Being near the wings of the plane does not worry them at all, and they have much faith in the pilot.

Those that book the emergency exit seats normally get irritated quickly and want their space. The don’t want their space bubble to be disturbed if people want to lie back in their seats and cram their style. Yes there is an advantage to have that extra leg room space but if you think you can sit back and kick off your shoes, you are mistaken. This space has to be very much open with no bags on the floor even, for emergency reasons.

Back row seats are for those people that are fitness fanatics. They don’t like to sit still and relax. They have to keep moving. The back rows are bumpy and we can promise you, you will get an excellent workout on your bum muscles. Trust me I felt it, as they say no pain no gain. Also make sure you have very strong stomachs as the toilets are just behind you.  If you are sensitive to smell you are not going to make it. Although nowadays the hygiene on airlines is excellent and always smells fresh, thank goodness for that! You are also going to be having quite a few people queuing up for the toilets near you. If you in the back row and on the aisle then you really hardcore!

Those that book window seats very seldom want to actually look out the window, although that is the advantage of these seats. They can dream and imagine as they witness the scenary of the destinations they leaving and going to. They are more private people and don’t want to chat and meet new people. They choose these seats as they never really need the toilets and they don’t want to be disturbed. They want the added extra feel of leaning into the window and sleeping.

The middle seats are like the middle child. They not quite spoiled like the people at the window seats, and not quite responsible like the people sitting in the aisle. They basically stuck in the middle. They will have to fight to get an arm rest. If they need the toilet and the aisle seat person is sleeping, they are going to have to pull up courage to wake them up to get out the seat. They are used to compromise and this seat is no exception. They might also be afraid of flying and feel comfortable with people on either side of them. They could also be more social and ready to talk, having a choice of someone either at the window or aisle seat. Although we know, the person sitting next to the window has long made themselves comfortable and not interested in chit chat.

The aisle seats are for those that either have longer legs or like to stand up and stretch during a flight.  They love the freedom to get up when they want or sleep if they feel like it. They don’t mind when other passengers walk past them and might touch their shoulders. They also more sociable people and also want to know what is going on around them. They might need the toilets more often and want the convenience of going at their own pace without asking anyone’s permission. The disadvantage  to these seats is if they do sleep on a long flight they could be disturbed by 2 people who might need to get to the toilets.

Then behind the starched curtain we have 1st class and business class seats. The only sneak peak you get is once you board the plane. You can walk past slowly and smell 1st class, eyeing out those large leather seats and then you walk into economy and have to forget about it. During your flight the Air Hostess goes back and forth behind those curtains revealing nothing and leaving everything a mystery. Sometimes you smell the food, hear the clink of the crystal champagne glass and hear the silver cutlery on the ceramic plates. But that is that, once the plane lands, you walk again past and this time see all that is left behind, revealing comfort and space. Your mind debating between next time for sure you going to book 1st class, even just once or that this is really just a huge waste of money, and you can buy so much more with your pennies. You settle for the latter, and now need to get your bags and get on with real life.


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