Even if it’s all Greek to you, why you should go!

Even if it’s all Greek to you, why you should go!

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There is something about the word Greece and the country, like when you say the word Greece or Greek – your mouth wants to pout and your imagination is immediately drawn to a place far far away of unknown, a place far back in history, a place that is untouched, a place that beckons you to come and discover.  As you think of Greece, it is as if your mind steps through a thin veil, flowing and beckoning you to enter through the ancient Greek columns into an unknown world, inviting you to see what it has to offer and capture your soul.

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The word Italy immediately reminds you of gondolas and food, Milan of fashion, Vienna of music, Paris brings images of romance to thought, but the only romancing you will do in Greece is with yourself. As you explore and taste and immerse yourself with the people and culture, as you try and pronounce those unknown Greek words, den katalaveno. There is something about Greece that stirs up your soul, whether you go to the mainland or explore the Islands.  When you have booked and paid for your trip to Greece, as you tell your friends you almost feel as if you have been given the privilege to go to Greece, a personal invite from Zeus and Heracles.  Any other destination in Europe is just Europe. There is more to Greece than the olives, feta cheese, Greek music and ouzo, yes there is plenty of all of that, but it is so much more. We were so fortunate that we went not only to Athens but further north to little towns and villages and to Crete, the largest island in Greece. Each one I have blogged separately about.

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If you have watched the movie – my big fat Greek wedding, you can imagine that all words do come from the Greek word. Such as this word that describes how we feel when we travel:

Greek word Eudaimonia (n) the contented happy state we feel when we travel.

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I spent only one and a half days in Athens this time, it was far too little, almost like I only had the soup this time. I know I will be back to have the main course with wine pairing  and finish with dessert. This was my 2nd trip to Athens/Greece and I still can’t get enough of it. The first time I went I tasted the hors d’oeuvres – quick spots visited to tease and enhance my next trip. It is like I was not born Greek, but Greece was born in me. There is something about Athens and Greece that just pulls at my heart strings and just pulls me back. I will be back, making more time to explore; I am also going to practice singing songs from Mama Mia for my next visit 🙂

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If you going to Athens first and then to explore more of Greece or going to an island, do not do less than 3 full days in Athens to really capture the heart of the city. If you really want to be showered and drenched in the atmosphere, the language, the culture, the people, the food and the vibrancy of this country, then visit Greece. It will change your world, it is better than having a milk bath like Cleopatra. Rather enjoy the richness of pure olive oil – much healthier for you, and it will help you to remain young. Be soaked in olive oil, go to Greece!

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Greece is not a country that is rich, it is not modern, it does not offer free things/activities. It does not do upsize and is is not seeking to be the biggest or newest skyscrapper or theme park. It is none of those things that you might look for when you travel. Planning a trip and wanting good value or things that are for free or the modern chic look of the world, you will not find this here in Greece. Greece has nothing at all of that, but it has so so much more to offer. It is rich in culture, in old buildings, in history, in mythology, language and the heart and soul of people who love life. There is more than enough for everyone to enjoy.  I don’t know of anyone that has been to Greece once, and said it was enough. It is filled with mystery, love, excitement and a desire to explore and taste. I invite you to come with me on my journey as I explore Athens, Greece and the largest island Crete. So Kalimera ‘ela mazi mou – come with me, let’s begin.

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