Valentine’s Day versus Ordinary Day

Valentine’s Day versus Ordinary Day

Married Couples

Those that are in love with each other, have this day to appreciate and show each other how much they mean to each other. The good thing is that you have a “Date Night” which for married couples with children happens very seldom.  Plus you as the wife get to make the booking, guaranteeing that you don’t have the last 10 pm slot at the restaurant for dinner or that all the restaurants are fully booked leaving you once again to get takeaways. If you both have agreed to go the whole nine yards on Valentine’s day, it brings the excitement of waiting to see what you will receive, and secretly hoping it will come during office hours. Yeah we know you want to show that you are loved and special!  Sometimes this is the only day that you really spend time on sending flowers, cards, messages to your loved one, while the rest of the year you both take for granted that you will be together forever and life gets busy. For those marriages that on the rocks, this day might help to take you to the top of the ladder with extra special ideas from leaving love notes everywhere to writing love poems, dinner at an exclusive restaurant and the possibility of rekindling that “love” that you both once shared.


Those married couples that don’t believe in this day and therefore don’t send anything. You both might have agreed to the fact that this is a day blown out of proportion and a money making thing!! You both have argued this point from basically your dating days. But when in the office everyone else is receiving chocolates, wine, flowers from either sex and your desk is empty, so an empty spot is left in your heart as well, wishing that you had not agreed to the waste of money thing and/or thinking that you should of both agreed to fall for this day, I mean why leave it out and be different, you only really damaging your marriage, and hurting your heart. Plus you now have to convince everyone else that your marriage is perfect without the frills, and walk in confidence all day.


And those married couples that one partner is expecting something special, especially newly married couples and they don’t receive anything, this is going to cost the partner a lot more than those flowers! You all know what I am talking about!

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Dating Couples

Those that are in love with each other, have this day to appreciate and show each other how much they mean to each other A good thing is the excitement and confidence of knowing that you ARE going to receive something, and if not, is she/he worth it? I mean really, dating and you can’t/ be romantic….mmm, something to think about. Unless you really hate romance in any form, and would much rather prefer movies and popcorn where you don’t have to talk much or the usual Wednesday night run on the beach/park. Keeping life simple and structured is how you prefer to live life.

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Those that are dating for a while and their partners remember this day,  and still make a big fuss about it, it is just another big tick to the BIG M that this could be THE ONE – and marriage could be on the cards sooner than expected. This is also a great opportunity that if you are seriously thinking of making the big M commitment, this is THE day to take full advantage and pop the question.  Make sure you have budgeted for this though; those engagement rings are getting more expensive year by year!! And you know she has expensive taste! Plus she will value your love for her by the price of that ring…it better be real diamonds. The saying of diamonds is a girl’s best friend is not a cartoon quote, it is real!

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Lunch time and after work, shops might be crammed for those that forgot it is Valentine’s day, you don’t need to read the papers, watch the news to know there is a buzz about town.

Feb 14

And if you going with the idea that your partner never mentioned a word, convinced they don’t care about today, you are so wrong…it is a test! They want to see if you remember and how important are you to them? Get those Lindt chocolates and cheesy cards, yes Lindt knows sales will triple today! They have you covered.

its a trap


Those that have a secret crush on someone have a chance to send flowers, cards, chocolate to their secret lover without signing their name, with maybe just a slight hint of who they are and wait it out.

be mine

The great thing is that if you have someone that you chat to a lot, but have never been on a date with, this day makes it more possible than ever!  Asking for a date night is THE thing to do. It doesn’t necessary imply that you are dating, but it could take you to the next level, and after tonight you would both know. Unless the one is like Yes, and after date night, the other is like NO WAYS that could be sad. But you would also then be sure that the feelings are mutual if you both agreed to go out on a date and take it from there.


Then sadly there are those that don’t have a Valentine and you feel unloved, left out and not worthy! Who said?? Be like a pineapple, stand tall, wear that crown! You don’t need anyone to make you feel worthy or loved, you don’t need a partner to define you!!


Book that holiday with all your single friends, use the savings that you didn’t spend on a partner and live life to the full!! Forget about all those Social Media posts of flowers, chocolates and hazy selfie pictures of those couples together, most time it is only on Facebook that they are really having a good time! Get up and love yourself, book your manicure, enroll to steer that yacht or fly that plane, change your hairdo, visit an old age home, a hospital and show some love to someone that has been forgotten. Who knows, you might just find your calling, realize your dreams or get to tick off on the bucket list something new for the year. Make this your year of change. Get healthy and find a new hobby, you are not Alone!!

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Places to avoid going to tonight if you are not celebrating Valentine’s Day.

  • The beach for those sunset and moonlight nights is not the time to decide to start your New Year’s Resolution and start your walks.
  • Going to eat out is going to have to be postponed till tomorrow or the week-end, tonight you do not want to be the only one eating, or the group of friends all sitting on your phones or trying to laugh loudest to show everyone you having a “good time”.
  • The movies, there could be lovers or there could be loners – stay away, your mind will not be on the movie at all.
  • Visiting family – they will ask you questions, lots of questions!
  • Late night shopping – you will probably get people saying hello – with the silent nod that yeah you are not the only one! Sympathy is the last thing you need right now.

Rather get a book, hire a movie, invite the single friends and play a board game, have fun without having to worry about who is around and about you.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Love yourself first before you can love anyone else!

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