Montagu Country Hotel – Just what you need

Montagu Country Hotel – Just what you need

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Walking through the Montagu Country Hotel the doors open to lush green gardens and raindrops gently sit on pure white rose petals. The brick pathway leads you to their Spa.

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Megan is there waiting for me, and leads me into the treatment room alit with candles everywhere; while soft relaxing music is playing, creating an ambience for much needed relaxation and de-stressing “me time” A glass of water with a slice of lemon was ready in the room for my enjoyment, a single white rose on the massage bed completes the picture. I am offered a disposable pantie to wear for my treatment, I accept it.  I have a few moments alone to undress and make myself comfortable before Megan enters the room.

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She straightens the towel on my back, then rubs my feet with a warm soft cloth and covers them. The room is warm and my bed is heated. I am comfortable and ready for the “backup package”, which focuses on the back with an exfoliation, ending with a massage. The product they use is the CSpa range, it is a local South African product.

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First is the back scrub using exfoliating cream while the steam machine puffs out warm steam on my back. Megan rubs the exfoliator on my back in wide anticlockwise circles, and then back and forth. After a good gentle scrub it is gently washed off with warm water in. No dripping water running down my sides. I am happy and my back is now ready for the mask. A few pressure points are pressed before the mask is layered on, then covered with a towel. While the mask is doing its magic, another magic is happening, and that is the head massage.

After 5 mins, I am left alone in the room and the lights dimmed. The only thing left in the room is the soft music and my lost thoughts as I drift into complete relaxation. Again the mask is gently washed off with warm water, my back gets dried and then my favourite part begins, the massage.

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My back massage was done using some pressure points and good even massages/strokes all over, including my shoulders and shoulder blades. She started the massage on my lower back pressing on the sides of my spine all the way up to my neck.  Each muscle was professionally massaged. All in all it was a fantastic treatment and massage. I would highly recommend this. Another plus factor is that they have mineral waters on the property where you can book a bath to soak in the natural waters from the earth.

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Megan has a diploma as an International Beautician and it proves that she knows what she is doing.

To make bookings you can contact Montagu Country Hotel +27 23 614 3125 or visit their site

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