Bush Spa Indulgence

Bush Spa Indulgence

I booked for a back massage to help me destress and my very first Paraffin Pedicure at the La Vita Spa at Waterberry Hill, Hazyview.  I had no idea what to expect. Would it be candle wax, would it burn, would it hurt when removed, all these questions were in my head, I was ready to find out. And I was driven in style for my Spa Treatments 🙂

On arrival to this little Spa haven I saw a glimpse of the wooden spa hidden by trees, shrubs and bush. I stepped lightly on the path leading to the entrance and heard the smooth sounds of the water fountain. This was a Spa with a forestry feel, birds singing and leaves swaying. I already felt relaxed and welcomed. I felt like I had arrived in nature.

There was a choice of welcome drinks and biscotti biscuits – I opted for the Wine spritzer which was light and fizzy with a touch of colour 😉


Outside under the wooden canopy was the massage bed waiting amidst the green lush vegetation of the Lowveld. I changed into the gown and slippers provided and made myself comfortable on the bed.

My therapist Thobile has been a therapist for 7 years and now 2 years with La Vita Spa, she has a passion for beauty and it showed. She made me feel relaxed and asked what pressure I preferred, I liked that!  It is important for your therapist to know which pressure you prefer – soft, medium or hard – as this can either add to your relaxation or stress you more. Jessica is another therapist that also works there, she is qualified and learning more whilst in her field.

As I lay with my head over the breathing space, I faced a bowl of sea shells on the ground which added to the forest/bush atmosphere. The only sound that was heard was the birds chirping and a slight breeze flowed through the trees. It was so peaceful and I felt myself drifting between the fragrance of sandalwood and the pressure of the massage into a peaceful sleep. I awakened refreshed and destressed and was still in a haze of total relaxation. What felt like 10 min shuteye was actually 45 min.

I always look after my feet very well and always have had some colour, but as I was going to have my first Paraffin wax I let my feet and toes go wild and gave it no attention at all –the excuse was of course I was in Kruger Park – a wild Safari destination and I needed to look the part. I also wanted evidence on how really good was a Paraffin wax? And are pedicures really necessary?

So after my massage, the next roll of call was my paraffin foot pedicure. I was still lying on my stomach and relaxing after my massage, when my therapist started removing the hard skin on my feet. I just lay and listened to the birds and enjoyed the tranquility of nature. I felt like Cleopatra; all I needed was a milk bath and 2 ladies cooling me down with palm leaves.

Then I turned over on my back and she continued my pedicure, I sat up at this stage to watch. Nails, filing, scrubbing and exfoliating followed while my feet rested in warm water in the foot spa. I was waiting for the paraffin wax and wondering when it was going to happen and what was it all about? When she finally put my feet in soft wax and lifted them up, 3x she did this procedure and then wrapped my feet in socks to let the warmth do its magic. There was no burn or pain or sticky wax melting on me. After a while she took the cold hardened wax off and all that was left was the mold of my feet.


My feet were then well massaged with cream and nail polish added. I chose green for nature and walked out with sexy feet and smooth heels.

Before:  Bush feet: 

And After:  Lux Feet: 

I have often been for pedicures, but the Paraffin wax was the absolute best of pure indulgence! I repeat pure Indulgence! Plus it works and lasted so much longer, my nail polish lasted a good for 4 weeks and counting with no chips. Impressed! Is pedicures needed –an absolute YES in Capital letters! Does a Paraffin Wax Pedicure work – a most definite YES at La Vita Spa!! Book and find out for yourself.

So when you next in Kruger Park or the Hazyview area, do phone and make an appointment for the Paraffin Wax Pedicure – highly recommended and a massage under the wooden deck out in nature with La Vita Spa, people who care. You will feel 10 years younger and want to go back again and again. I look forward to visiting them again. You don’t have to stay at Waterberry Hill to have a Spa Treatment, just book and go enjoy!

They also have a membership programme where you receive 2 free massages every year – this membership only costs R60 a month. Plus a whole lot of extra discounts included. For more details  or to find a spa near you visit https://www.lavitaspas.com

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