Perry’s bridge hollow – Hollow to you, the Best Hollow around!

Perry’s bridge hollow – Hollow to you, the Best Hollow around!


Kruger National Park is an icon for South African Wildlife from Big 5 to the small 5, various antelope species including the Sable, giraffes, zebras, hippos, cheetahs plus a whole lot more including bird species, stretching around 360 kms long and an average of 65 km width.  To enjoy the whole park and see amazing wildlife and the Big 5 you need to position yourself to stay at a few different places along the park, up until Perry’s Bridge Hollow was discovered.

It is the perfect location to stay as it is only around 15km to enter through Phabeni Gate to the park. This is basically almost the centre of the Park. And the best place to make your home during your trip is without a doubt Perry’s Bridge Hollow. On arrival you will notice all the awards this Prime property has won, not only for location (10 min drive away) and luxury, but for service as well. Our opinion was and still is that this is the Best Hollow to stay at, without a doubt!! The warm personal experience that awaits you will want you going back for more and more.

A refreshing welcome drink is provided on check in. The host a wonderful afternoon high tea daily in the afternoon, guaranteed to make you want to leave the bush whilst the wildlife have their own afternoon nap and come back to Perry’s bridge hollow for your own rest, high tea, swim in the pool and then back for later afternoon sightings..

On offer were coffee and various teas including Mandela’s tea variety. Homemade biscuits, milk tart, carrot cake and chocolate brownies were all served outside under the wooden deck in the lush tranquil garden. Freshly made, light, fluffy and full of flavour. A wonderful hideaway on the fringe of the Kruger Park, even though Perry’s Bridge Hollow is situated within a trading post with shops around, it is still hidden and private. Lots of spacious seating for family or couples to sit, sip, taste and chat.


Set amongst indigenous trees and embracing the Lowveld flora and bush, this Refined Colonial-style hotel is designed to create a sense of peace as you are surrounded by the beautiful gardens and old Acacia trees and tree ferns. Leading up to your rooms is a path lined with flowering plants and rich green ivy creeping up the walls to release all the oxygen you will need to destress.


Your rooms are grand and sophisticated in complete luxury. The bathroom has a huge shower as well as an amazing secluded outside shower (my best spoil when in the bush) and a freestanding bath to soak in after a day of sightseeing.

Sumptuous breakfasts are served every morning at Kuka café and one of the absolute best breakfasts I have ever had. The food at Kuka is made with passion and served in the lovely afro-chic mood restaurant, coupled with bright vibrant colours adding to the outdoor atmosphere. On offer were much variety and a station for each serving. They made their own granola and muesli which included roasted seeds and nuts. Yoghurts, from fruit slices to canned fruit and steamed dried fruit, pastries and freshly squeezed juices. To wake you up from your slumber was a choice of coffee delights, Cappuccinos or latte or for the health fanatic some flavoured water. Omelettes filled with mushrooms, chili, ham and layers of cheese to fill your tummy. If you don’t get an opportunity to book at Perry’s Bridge then do yourself a favour and pop into Kuka for breakfast or superb creative cocktails. They serve lunches and dinners as well. To make a booking email:

Perry’s Bridge Hollow also boasts a secluded swimming pool with pool towels available for your use. And if the weather promises rain, lightweight raincoats are given to you to keep. This Hotel offers more than the other surrounding hotels with regards to service and location and little extras. Service is always presented with a smile, welcoming you and making sure you are happy, comfortable and relaxed. A warm environment extends not only from the location of the hotel but also from their Staff, who pride themselves as Employees of Perry’s Bridge Hollow.



If you are planning to visit Kruger National Park and want to spend a few days in the Park, then treat yourselves to at least 3 nights at Perry’s Bridge Hollow for 5* Service and luxurious comfort and the perfect place to unwind and feel like a VIP! Whatever you do, don’t miss out on staying at the gorgeous Perry’s Bridge Hollow – the Best Hollow around!!

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