A Nightmare on Dock Rd

A Nightmare on Dock Rd


I was quite excited to go to the Comedy Club for some comedy!

I read who the Comedians were that would be on stage and and knew none of them, but I thought to myself it would be good to go and see what is out there and I really felt like a good hearty laugh. You know the type of jokes that make you want to go to the toilet and the tears start coming down your face? Only to find out within 5 minutes of the MC: Martin Davis (UK) that I might have tears running down my face from absolute horror and disgust, it was turning out to be a nightmare!!

It was the worst night of my life, and it was not a joke!! Every second word that came out of Martin’s mouth was a swear word, now we not talking words like “shit” for example, but words like “M…F…” and calling that out to the “paying audience”

Now I am not sure since when it had changed that you go to a comedy club to entertain the MC or if you go to be entertained. Not only was he picking on people in the audience but also swearing at them, finding out their names, what they do and then belittling them!! Personally he is too old for this! 2 tables left during half time!

Now it is common sense that if you do sit in the front there is 99% chance that you will be picked on, guaranteed! But to be sworn at and ridiculed non-stop is just plain cheap and totally unprofessional!

In my opinion the comedians should be of higher quality – swearing and sex does not make a show funny!! #PhilaMnyanda 5 min was great, would’ve liked to see more of him! #ChrisForrest from Johannesburg was okish, also swearing and sex -really so old school- been going on since high school for years now, and comedians that still use this to draw attention should learn how to be really funny!! #Tracy Klass as support was not any better, and the Comedy Club is not her genre of people to perform in front of.

They should learn from the likes of Trevor Noah, Barry Hilton and Alan Committie Felt more like being in a mingy bar than a show!!

On a positive note Pizzas were amazing and the Service from the waitress was brilliant!! Cape Town Comedy Club remember you are based at the Waterfront where a lot of tourists will come to the show (last night’s tourists table was not impressed!) and you need to get Great Clean Comedians and be an Ambassador to our City!! #Cape Town should rock in a positive way!! Love South Africa

I would’ve rather preferred to have saved my money and been curled up on my couch watching Netflix.

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