Gate 69: Don’t Go

Gate 69: Don’t Go

The latest and most dramatic showcase of the 3 Trolley Dollies – men dressed to kill in sexy outfits and stilettos.

If you are against swearing, bad language and using God’s name in vain don’t go! The show is raw, it’s real and you get to see behind the scenes.

If you hate drag, don’t go! Save your money and your emotions, blood pressure and stomach twirls and don’t go.

But if you accept anybody and everybody for who they are, and believe we can never judge until we have walked in anyone else’s shoes, then don’t go anywhere, I am begging you to stay! Stay and enjoy the show, get a glimpse into a little on the outside, a little on the inside of hearts of many. I think of that song, “what about us, what about us….we are children that need to be loved…what about us?”

But don’t let me tell you what to do, and I won’t tell you what to say, or try and change you in anyway, I don’t own you. Is another song that really says everything, you know what to expect, go or don’t go!

Gate 69 is on Bree Street and opens at 6h30pm every night. Pre-booking is a requirement.  Your ticket includes a 3 course meal and a show. Drinks are for your account. Bookings can be made at the box office 021 – 0351627 or 0833728056

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