Gate 69: Lazy Susan competes for center attention

Gate 69: Lazy Susan competes for center attention

The lights are flashing Gate 69 on the corner of Bree and Hout Street.

With one step through the doors Cathy Pacific draws you in with a hearty welcome and big bear hugs, lips coated with blood red lipstick whispering in a deep sexy voice “ Welcome to Gate 69 Dahling” The downstairs bar is abuzz as patrons order their drinks at the “boarding gates”.

From the outside walks in patrons for the night show – a mix of gay couples, party animals, married woman without their husbands, single friendship groups and date night couples. Some are supporters, some are curious and others are looking for something new to watch and enjoy.

At 7pm you are ushered to your seats in Business or First Class as “take-off” begins at 8 pm sharp with no delays!

Your table is kitted out with glasses and cutlery, linen serviettes and a lazy Susan sits proudly in the centre filled with finger foods to enjoy, from vegetarian tapas to meatballs, skewers and everything else in between. Starters are brought to your table followed by a warm cheese roll. They can cater for Vegetarians, Halaal or Kosher patrons. The Chicken liver pate was divine as with everything else that is freshly made. At first glance at your food table, you think you will still be hungry afterwards, but by the end of the night there will still be food left-over that you were simply unable to finish, it’s a lot of good food for every taste! Salty, crispy, sweet, spicy and tender – very much like the show!

Not only is the welcome personal but these 3 flight attendants are your waitresses as they bring you your drinks before getting on stage to perform in sexy heels and fishnet stockings

These 3 Tall, glamorous and flexible South African “ladies” will entertain you in English, sarcasm and a splash of Afrikaans as Dotty comes from Middlevlie, Johannesburg. The star of the Show is none other than Cathy Pacific and she knows it too, as she is always practicing and touching up her lipstick in the powder room with pouches left and right, while sultry Millennium has the attitude of don’t mess with me!

8 pm you have lift-off as the show and cabaret begins….from on stage to off stage, on and off….you just have to keep up with these very energetic showgirls without any halftime for you or them.

You will find yourself torn to singing along or delving into your food offering, as Lazy Susan competes for centre attention.

The show is dramatic, sexy and will bring back memories of “I could follow him” to “If I could turn back time” So don’t wait too long to go and see the show, otherwise you too will be singing, If I could turn back time!!

And as quickly as it started, 90 mins later it ends with a standing ovation as tequila ice-creams are brought out for dessert! Absolutely delicious and the perfect end to your night!!

Bookings for Gate 69 can be made with Brendan 0823728056


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