Letter to the Vineyard Hotel – again the Hotel plays

Letter to the Vineyard Hotel – again the Hotel plays

I have been struggling with this for so long….

It is like one of those movies that you can never get out of your head! It stays with you forever in your heart and head! And it keeps going around in circles and circles until you crying out for a Tsunami to come and wash all those emotions and feelings away.

That night was just so intense….in that room in the Hotel, it plays over and over like a broken stuck record. Why?

Why did the waiter not just take those flowers off the table as I wanted, as I requested! I hate flowers!

Firstly let me applaud you on the set up and the décor – the circle of light was everywhere except in that dingy bar in Tokyo –that bar that everything took place in.  The Splash Café was really turned upside down and so cleverly done. I was so relieved that you had the plays moved from the Hotel room to the bar, as it already was so intense and literally felt like we were all at a round table conference in Parliament, with no-one agreeing on anything.

The Asian infused food that we had definitely paired up with the theme and we ended on a sour note. The Vegetarian starter was AMAZING and so was the Cocktail special which is the playwright’s favourite, a Gin Fizz!! But that meringue was so sour and purposely prepared that way by the Chef – but next time let us leave with a sweet memory and not a sour taste in our mouth.  That sour desert just ate the inside of my mouth after a stressful show!  The sour Meringue top was really the cherry on the top and just added to the complexity of the show.

The play itself was so stressful and at the same time felt so real that we the audience felt like we were in that bar that night and if the Waiter could just take those “ dreadful flowers off the table for once and for all”!! It was really very intimate and the emotions of the 4 Characters really rubbed up on us. I just wanted to order a double shot of brandy to calm my nerves between the artist attacking his canvas with blood as his primary colour, and the waiter was too calm for comfort.

For me it was a night of intense emotions, drama and frustrations and I really felt like I was the wife sitting at the bar smoking while my chaotic husband was having a meltdown again! I wanted to run and scream and say STOP! Enough, Get me out of here! I can’t help him anymore, I want out! The play really pulled you in and almost made you a part of the “problem” whilst trying to find a solution to the night. That night the circle of light was trying desperately to get back in.

Maybe for some that is what you want to experience with a play, you want those emotions, you want to be away, anywhere, any bar any place….but for me it was too close, too personal and too stressful. Maybe that play was just not for me?

This was the third successful run in 3 years that the Vineyard Hotel has shown a play in a Hotel room/bar….go and watch. Visit the bar of a Tokyo hotel, visit the Vineyard Hotel. Play written by Tennessee Williams.

Again thank you for the tickets to the show!

I write on my experiences and what audiences can expect to feel or experience.

This was not a paid post.

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