Old Mac Daddy Luxury Trailer Park Zen Den – Express not best!

Old Mac Daddy Luxury Trailer Park Zen Den – Express not best!

I decided to book for a Spa Treatment with Bronwyn at the Zen Den at Old Mac Daddy Luxury Trailer Park and Resort in Grabouw. Bronwyn had suggested I book the 3 Express treatments: Manicure, Pedicure and Facial, so that I could experience a little of each.  As they were busy she suggested a 10h30 appointment for me the next day. I promptly went to reception and wrote in the Reservation Book my name, contact details and the booking time I was given.

I did mention the day prior while chatting to Bronwyn at the Zen Den that I would be writing about my experience at her Spa and the treatments…. I rarely give them this bit of info and prefer to go undercover. That way I get treated as a normal walk in client and I can honestly write about my experience. At the same time I would be confident that other clients who booked through my blog would have the same experience.

The next morning at 10h20 I casually went down to the Zen Den Spa which is part of the  Old Mac Daddy Luxury Trailer Park and Resort in Grabouw.  I was really excited and expectant for the Express package I had booked!  But then got told by Bronwyn that my appointment was actually booked for 10h00? In the reservations book the time of my booking was written in ….plus she gave me the time to book….so I was a little confused!

The Zen Den is very secluded and nestled between trees, creating a calming atmosphere with birds chirping. Situated away from the Trailer Park caravans, it has its own hidden corner and offers peace and quiet.  Heidi who is an Intern was assigned to be my Therapist. When the Zen Den gets busy, she is called in to help. Heidi is not trained to apply Gel Polish, but I was happy with the Morgan Taylor varnish range. I chose the same colour for my toes and finger nails.

Heidi started prepping my nails for the varnish, first my hands then my toes. I never had any polish on my nails that had to be removed, so she did the cuticles, cut and filed my nails. She then moved to my face and began with the Express facial. She cleansed, toned and applied a Rose Clay Mask which would be on my face for 20 mins, in that time she would then finish with my Manicure and Pedicure by applying the nail polish. She explained that the Express Facial does not include exfoliating, extractions or a facial massage. After the mask she explained she does an after service which means applying an eye cream and a sunblock over the moisturizer.

Within 5 mins of having my clay mask on, Bronwyn walks in and assists Heidi by removing the clay mask and cleaning my face, then ends with applying moisturizer on. No eye cream or sunblock!  My clay mask had only been on my face to work for less than 5 mins. This was the part that I really felt was worth my money. Heidi finished painting my nails and sprayed them. I asked why she did not apply top coat, and she assured me that the spray works as a top coat whilst drying my nails.

The 3 Express treatments took 1 hr and I walked out of the Zen Den feeling like I had lost the full benefit of the clay mask on my face. That night I still had some mud on the side of my nose, little on the forehead and by my ears, not everything was totally removed as it was a rushed job. She also only painted one layer of varnish to my nails.

I checked out of the Old Mac Daddy Luxury Trailer Park in Grabouw and checked into another accommodation within the vicinity.

The next morning, less than 24 hrs after swimming and showering my one toe’s nail polish had completely come off! Not only did the polish come off my toe nail, but my other nails were showing signs of wear and tear already!! I had done nothing but relax after checking out and checking in, no dishes, no cleaning, nothing!

As I had fortunately booked into another accommodation with a Spa, I had to go and embarrassingly ask the Therapist if she could find a nail polish colour similar to the one I had on to re-paint my one toe that the polish had come off, she was shocked that I had just had my nails done the day before. By the third day my nails looked neglected and I had to remove the nail polish altogether, there was no saving it now…..picture shown.

My Express was definitely NOT the best and I left more stressed!! I felt cheated even though I had paid a reduced amount for my treatments.

What surprised me the most about this whole experience was that I actually had told Bronwyn that I was going to write a blog about her Spa and my experience, which I seldom do? So she actually had prior warning! If that was the treatment I received as a blogger whom Bronwyn knew beforehand what my intentions was, I definitely would not recommend the Zen Den to anyone!!

What also surprised me was that she had made a mistake on the time and knew my treatments were going to be cut short, so she should have been assisting Heidi from the start to give me the full experience! I was highly disappointed and in utter disbelief of how the whole experience turned out. Not sure how it would’ve all gone down if I still had nail varnish to be removed first. I rate it below zero.



2 thoughts on “Old Mac Daddy Luxury Trailer Park Zen Den – Express not best!

  1. Good Morning
    Thank you for your comment on your experience and it is absolutely unfortunate that is how you felt. We have many bloggers, etc that come in and out of our Spa and it is unfortunate that you feel you had such a terrible experience.
    We will take this and use it to only better ourselves and thank you for your brutal honesty.
    Please know that in 16years in this industry I have had many Many people in and out of my treatment rooms wherever I Have been and have never received such negative response, this is really unfortunate and disheartening and trust that one day when you decide to come again to have a treatment done by myself, I wont charge you. Maybe that will be more positive outcome. Regarding the lady who did your tratment she is busy with a 3 year course with a very prestigious School and is qualified in manicures, pedicures, facials etc all the basics, I dont have therapists that are not qualified.
    Have a blessed week further and I pray that your Future experiences are much more fruitful.

  2. Good Morning, thank you for your comment. Yes it was unfortunate the experience I had, and it really had nothing to do with the price I paid! I have paid for lots of experiences and it has been amazing, most times I blog and the Accommodation/Spa etc are not even aware that I am going to blog, so that is what really dumbed me was that you were fully aware the day before that I would be blogging on my experience. I only write honest blogging experiences. It was honestly what happened and maybe the Spa should consider painting on 2 layers of nail varnish and a top coat for longer wear in future. If a mask should be on for 20 mins, then timing is imperitive! The other thing that upset me was the mistake in appointment time which led to a rushed/shortened Spa treatment/experience, knowing this would be the outcome, I would suggest in future you help your staff in doing treatments together so that the client leaves having a full experience. I don’t need to come back but thank you for your free offer. There is an adventure company that insists that if the guide does not have fear every time they take clients, they are not allowed to proceed. No fear means over confident and as the saying goes – Pride comes before a fall. Regardless of how long you have been in the industry, there is always space to learn. All the best with the Zen Spa and trusting you go from strength to strength.

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