JOKER – Send in the clowns

JOKER – Send in the clowns

Wow!! So intense that it keeps you fixated on the Big Screen, you have no idea what is coming next! Normally with a movie you have a slight idea of what to expect, but not with Joker. The trailer is nothing like the movie, it is so much more!

Arthur Fleck  is nobody important, his just a clown with a dream, a dream to be a comedian, to make people laugh. To earn an honest living. His real life is hidden behind a mask. Paint on his face hides his emotions and struggles, his huge red laughing face and smile is all painted in to showcase comedy and joy. As a clown trying to survive on and off stage and instead of making people laugh, he is the joke. A son who loved and cared for his sick mother.

This movie is arty, thought provoking and intense, a fantastic thriller which has captured real life behind the scenes, edged deep in people’s hearts and minds. Behind this comedy is real life tragedy, everyday struggles that without the right people in your life can explode with one word, one wrong word – joker! Clowns are seen as losers, not respected and often mocked. One man’s dream to be comedian, yet he is the only one who believes in himself.  If you don’t have support and your tribe is not with you, slowly doubt creeps in.

Joker for good or bad throws in the towel and makes a statement, a statement that has the city in turmoil as clowns unite and stand up for the downcast, the nobody’s and the forgotten. Send in the clowns to be heard, to be respected and to be counted.

It is a brilliant movie that leaves you feeling numb.  Millions of thoughts race through your mind like red blood cells fighting to carry oxygen to your lungs, to breathe, to take in and absorb and digest the impact of this movie. Joker goes from being a comedy to tragedy, as he tries to find himself on this journey that awakens every thought and feeling, an unstoppable tsunami that can’t be stopped.

What I took from this movie is we have a responsibility towards others, to love others like ourselves. To treat others with kindness, respect regardless of where they are in life, what job, what status…..everyone is just trying to survive. You don’t know the battles others are facing and going through, stop joking with people’s emotions and be kind instead!! How you treat your children and bring them up will ultimately be either their downfall or their ladder to success. People need to STOP abusing people! Whether emotionally or physically, STOP!

Joaquin Phoenix plays the main character clown Arthur Fleck , and does a brilliant job. Let’s wait to see if he makes it to a Grammy award. Robert de Niro has that same charm, patience and charismatic presence as per every movie he has ever done, the perfect match for Joker.

Joker is now showing at Ster-Kinekor Theatres See it while you can, no jokes!

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