Wade Bales Cap Classique & Gin: My love affair at the Beach

Wade Bales Cap Classique & Gin: My love affair at the Beach

The rain clouds stop and close up again, it has been raining on and off. The spring sun is trying to show off and lighten the grey skies, it wants to absorb the wet puddles and soak up the raindrops.

The sea waves gallop towards the pier and burst open as it smacks up against the boulders.

Bubbles are blowing and the drinks are flowing. Under the huge white canopy fresh sea oysters are being dished out per coupon, 6 yummy soft slippery oysters in hardened open shells. Enjoy a dollop of Tabasco sauce and a sprinkling of pepper on them, which pairs elegantly with the MCC bubbles.  Long flute glasses filled with bubbles are bubbling and bursting in celebration that summer is coming.

People are sitting lazily around having light Sunday afternoon conversations and drinking, clicking glasses as they sip, leaving bright red lipstick marks as their signature.  Couples walk on soft pearl white sea-sand at the Grand Africa café laughing. Gin is being enjoyed with slivers of orange and rosemary stems floating on top everywhere.

My love affair with Gin started a few years back and now with so many choices, the Wade Bales Gin and Bubbly affair was the perfect place to enjoy the taste of 70 various International and Local Handcrafted Gins. Some distilleries began in garages while others started in bathtubs, each promising a new taste sensation. Each Gin maker had experimented by infusing different spices and fruits for the new Gin revolution that has taken over. What once was known as a cheap drink was now an expensive affair, for some the only love affair. Even Carmien tea had a stand that promised botanical infusion Gins, offering not only a new combination but a whole new experience by allowing you the opportunity to blend your own teas and mixes for your own personal taste preference. Then we moved onto the Gin with a choice of herb or flower leaves to add to the finishing touch.

Large over-sized bottles to small rounded glass bottles, engraved to oval – each Gin Distributor trying to impress the buyer with their own brand and style.  Small intimate gatherings of people on standby to refill their glasses, there was no time to swirl and taste but only to smell and enjoy.

Outside the MCC have its own paparazzi as everyone was trying to capture the bubbles being blown in the air to the bubbles being poured in the tall Champagne glasses on camera. Each MCC had its own story of how it was birthed and what sets it apart. The display tables of each Methode Du Classique was loud, dramatic and richly done up to showcase the best in MCC. The silent competition of which table and MCC was the best was a tight tie as each pulled out all the stops. Krone has a massive copper ice bucket which was specially made for their bubbly MCC.

Pongracz offered not only the best MCC but also the trendiest bottles in deep purple.

And there was no loose cannon with the Loose Cannon range with their nifty leather bag that holds a bottle and 4 glasses, most impressive to say the least.

As we enjoyed the 4 seasons in one day, we also thoroughly enjoyed tasting over 50 of the finest MCC and 70 Gins coupled with fresh oysters. The stunning venue was none other than the Grand Africa Café and Beach bar Grand Africa Collection, add some artistic face paint to go with the mood, beach sand between your toes and you have a match made in heaven. This was the easiest way to have a love affair with no strings attached.

Make sure you book your tickets for next year’s event as nothing beats a welcome to summer that an afternoon with Wade Bales Cap Classique and Gin Affair. The ticket price included a Champagne glass, unlimited tastings of MCC and Gin’s, 6 fresh oysters or Meze plate, great music and spectacular views! Worth every cent, come rain or shine.

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