Covid_19 – Poem on Coronavirus

Covid_19 – Poem on Coronavirus

Since the start of the Coronavirus I have been feeling sad with regards to the amount of people that are dying daily, funerals that can’t be held, cities that are in lockdown and some people that just don’t care!!


I decided to write a poem today, it’s been years since I wrote some poetry 

Children are walking
Teachers are talking
Cars are racing
Mom’s are shopping,
People are planning
Diaries are filling

Bats are eaten, dogs are weighed
Markets are full, transactions paid
While the earth is struggling
People are buzzing

All of a sudden with one loose cannon
The world has shut, the streets are barren
Govt has just reported
Our lockdown has started
Reality tries to sink in my mind
Realizing we will be solidly confined
On everyone’s lips is COVID19
Washing hands a compulsory routine
It’s only a matter of time
When walking is a crime

Panic hovers over like grey clouds
Our ears are opened to all sounds
Is this real, is this really happening?
Or am I the only one whose battling?
While media and news are flourishing
Leaders all over are adjusting

The hourglass is turned upside down
The Queen is giving up her crown
People are dying
The world is crying
Deaths are rising
Towns are declining

Are we still in denial?
Are the stats reliable?
As people turn to the Bible
Will a vaccine be created
To stop the defeated

What really matters in the end
Is not our money but a friend
Let’s flatten the curve
As medics and police serve
Only time will tell
Can someone ring that bell!

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