Gifts For New Drivers & Car Own

Gifts For New Drivers & Car Own

Whether your child is starting to drive, or your friend has just bought their very first car, having a set of wheels means independence and is cause for celebration. So, just as you would with a first baby, home, and marriage, giving a gift is a great idea.

But what do you buy the first-time car owner, or very new driver? There’s a list of things that can keep them safe, help them save money, and make their driving experience just that much better. Here’s a collection of what we found to be great new driver gifts.

First Car Gifts – The Essentials

Buying a new car is a very exciting experience. But it also comes with a list of responsibilities. If you’re looking to help a first-time car owner who’s just started driving, there are many things you can get them.

Besides a list of car insurance companies in South Africa, and maybe a petrol gift card, here are some more of the best gifts for new drivers and car owners.

Buying your first car is very exciting. It’s going to lead you places you’ve never been before and give you freedom. But it also comes with a lot of responsibility. Receiving a well thought out gift like essential items can help tremendously.

Detailing Kit

The proud car owner takes interest in keeping their vehicle showroom clean, and this kit will help them do so. The most practical detailing kits will include products that target every bit of the car, from the engine to the interior. But, you can also purchase the individual kits targeted to a specific area.

Some of these kits include:

● Engine and chassis Kits

● Glass and lights Kits

● Tyres, rims and wheels kits

● Interior detailing kits

● Finish and protection kits

This gift will not only save the new car owner a fair bit of money but will also encourage them to keep the car in shining condition.

Emergency Kits

We’ve all had a flat tyre at least once, and we know what a pain that can cause. Getting stuck without the proper tools can ruin your day and might even cause damage to your car. That’s why it’s very important to be prepared for uncomfortable situations.

Gifting an emergency kit for the first-time car owner can be a literal lifesaver. They can be purchased online at a very fair price that will definitely be worth it.

Some of these kits include:

● Heat resistant gloves

● Jumper cables

● A tyre jack

● Reflective vests

● Pliers

● A wrench

● Tape

● A flashlight

● First aid kit

This gift will come in handy for first-time, inexperienced car owners and will help them travel and explore safer.

A Navigation System

A GPS or a navigation system will come in very handy on road trips or everyday driving. Newer models sport amazing features such as ‘school zone’ and ‘red traffic light’ warnings. The system will alert the driver when there is a speed limit and if there is any traffic on the road, making it the perfect gift for the new car owner.

Car Accessories – Sound, Rims and Customisation

Most new car owners are often left broke after paying multiple fees and bills to secure the car of their dreams. This leaves them with little breathing room for extra items like a good sound system.

Granted, not everyone can afford to offer a friend or a family member such an elaborate gift, but a gift card that will cover even a small percentage of the cost will make a world of difference.

New Driver Gift Ideas for Teenagers

Teenagers are very excited when they first learn to drive, whether it’s with their own car or a parents’ car. A small gift to celebrate their freedom will perk them up instantly.

Offer To Cover The Costs Of Driving Tests Covering the costs of driving tests and lessons is costly. If you have a child or a friend who is preparing themselves for driving tests, it may be a good gesture to offer to cover a portion of the expenses of the lessons and test. This will elevate their stress and allow them to focus on the most important part – passing the test!

Gift Cards

Flipping the bill for gas can become very expensive. Take the edge off and offer to cover some of the cost for fuel, car detailing, or maintenance through gift vouchers from your local businesses. If you’re really feeling generous, you can help them pay for their very first road trip too.

Car Accessories

Small things like seat covers and floor mats can really bring out someone’s personality and make them feel special. Take some time to consider the person and their favourite colours and personalise their car accordingly. This can be thoughtful, especially if the new driver has a hand-me-down car.

Phone Accessories

Compile a small gift box with items like a charger, a phone mount, aux and USB cords, or even a Bluetooth set. Look for items that will make their drives safer and more comfortable. No one needs to be handling a phone while driving, and integration systems will eliminate that need.

New Driver Kit

Take some time to consider the new driver’s favourite things, and make up a gift basket. Items like snacks, a picnic blanket, phone accessories, and a first aid kit. This will not only make them feel special but will also offer comfort and safety when they’re on the road.

Final Thoughts on Gift Ideas for New Drivers

Do you know someone who just started driving or perhaps purchased their first car? It might be a great idea to help them get on their feet with a thoughtful gift.

Passing your drivers’ test, buying your first car, or even slapping that “learner” sticker on the back of your parents’ car, is a great achievement. It’s important to celebrate those achievements and go on your way safely.

Finding a practical and carefully designed gift can make a world of difference to the driver. Take some time to consider the needs of the person in question and try and make the gift as personal as possible. And once you know someone who can drive, taking self-drive adventures becomes even more exciting!

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