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Knysna Forest Edge: Fireflies, Falling Stars and Forest scents

Knysna Forest Edge: Fireflies, Falling Stars and Forest scents

The Garden Route is known as one of the most beautiful areas to explore and discover; to photograph and rejuvenate. But if you venture a little off the beaten track you will enter Rheendendal. Up close it doesn’t look like much, but blink and you will miss it. So instead of driving straight on to Knysna, make a turn to the left and follow the signs to Rheendendal where you can become one with nature.

http://Forest Edge – Nature-lovers Retreat has only 5 self-catering woodcutter chalets, 3 being the original with the wheels still underneath. The woodcutters used to move to different parts of the forest to cut wood and would  take their homes with them. Oxen would then pull these wooden cottages as they moved about. We believe this could be the inspiration and start of caravaning.

If you looking for a place that speaks of nature, peace and comfort, love doing walks, hikes and want to braai or self-cater then book at Forest Edge for a few nights, to discover fireflies; falling stars and forest scents!!

Yes the night sky opens to a trillion shinning sparkling stars! Switch off all the lights in your chalet and stand outside under the dark sky; find the 3 sisters and the Southern Cross. You can even play dot to dot in the night sky and you will find an animal that fits in those dots. Do not miss out on this heavenly sight that can’t be witnessed in the city due to too many lights and street lamps. No matter how tired you are from your adventures or from doing nothing at all; don’t miss an outside peek into the night sky. This property has no outside lights that can interfere with your star gazing! The darkened sky looks like a bottle of glitter that spilled onto a canvas painted in black, stars everywhere!!

Then step a little further onto the lush green lawn and lower your eyes to capture the fireflies showing off their little glowing torches. Be amazed! In the night there are beautiful little critters other than those irritating mosquitos. Enjoy the briskness of the night air and hear the sounds of crickets, frogs and the buzz that continues to remind everyone that darkness has fallen. I didn’t have the right camera to capture the stars and fireflies, but did manage to get this beautiful butterfly 🙂 is as the name implies is at the edge of Knysna forest; situated in http://Rheenendal  Comfortable wooden interiors of the wooden log cabins offer 2 bedrooms; lounge and kitchen; separate toilet plus a Victorian bath.

It has everything you might need to be comfortable including one free bucket of starter firewood plus all the braai utensils. A picnic basket and blankets is available to use while you are staying there, just fill it up with wine and snacks and go for a picnic at Jubilee Creek. Plus they have a stunning outside shower that we used every morning, nothing can get better than that. Television and DVD’s to watch; magazines to browse, books to read on your hammock or colour in to relax on the deck. This place oozes with plenty of relaxation spots including taking a dip in the kiddies pool for those hot days. If you are into yoga and meditation, there is a place for that too, right on the edge of the forest, ofcourse!

And if you don’t feel like cooking breakfast, book and enjoy a fantubalous breakfast in their new restaurant The Lilly pond. We were treated to their breakfast overlooking the lily pond with birds chirping in the trees. The breakfast was delicious and freshly made. They also offer braai dinners which we never had, so can’t comment on that, but am sure they will be good.

This is also the perfect place to book and use as a base as you go and explore the different walks and forest scents. A bonus is that you can leave your car at your chalet and do walks and trails. A major reason this is a bonus, is that we witnessed baboons invading a car that was parked at the entrance to the hike. The male baboon sat on the fence on guard waiting to grab your food with all the juveniles and females close by. The hike only allows 12 guests at a time, which is amazing! You won’t feel crowded and you will be able to enjoy being one with nature. Most people stay the whole day on this hike, swimming and enjoying the waterfalls. Circles in the forest walk, picnic sites and Jubilee creek is only an arm’s length away.

So if you have never seen fireflies, and love forests don’t hesitate to book at http://Forest Edge – Nature-lovers Retreat They gave us a small bottle of honey as a goodbye gift, it tasted delicious and was a sweet touch to the end of our week-end.

This article was not paid for by Forest Edge -Nature-Lovers Retreat.