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Namibia – Yes you can, but don’t!

Namibia – Yes you can, but don’t!

Yes you can, but don’t! What am I talking about….self-drive in Namibia!

For the amount of money you think you will save it just isn’t worth it!! And it definitely won’t make you richer; in fact the long relentless drive might make you poorer in spirit. Unless you happy to drive km’s upon km’s through desert and dry flat pans of dry bush, only to arrive and put up your tent for a night or two to continue the same experience the next day, a repeat of the previous day….long drives then camp….well then you on your own is all I am going to say!  Now don’t get me wrong I do love a camping trip, but 3 hrs max driving time and a weekend away where you can put your tent up on a Friday and take down on a Sunday or a day or two later is fun and exciting. But when you want to enjoy Namibia, soak it up and take it all in…a tour trip is the only way to go!! And if you going to book Hotels and fancy places to stay, you might as well book a tour as you won’t be saving that much after all.

Then all the info you will need, meals, entrance fees, plans and bookings are already sorted. Leaving you to only pack, go and enjoy. No need to worry about times, or when or where you should/can fill up or draw cash….and if there are any problems….well, it’s not your problem.

I mean the advantages are so much greater than the savings of doing it yourselves. Let’s look at why I feel so strongly about this….especially for a country as vast and endless as Namibia!!

Someone else drives (your guide/driver) which gives you an opportunity to take a nap on the coach/bus between the same terrain that you already saw for the last 30 mins, plus you have taken all the photos and done all the stops. Now you can sit back and relax and take it all in!

Take advantage of being driven around and put your feet up…without having to stay awake while your spouse/friend “now driver” is driving. If you doing a self-drive you will have to chat to keep them awake as falling asleep will leave you on a guilt trip and the next day you will be alone when it’s your turn to drive as they will be sleeping “their turn” now. That reason alone should be enough to change your mind about doing Namibia on your own.

Plus on a tour you get to meet other people from other countries and get to make great friends. Eat with them, chat to them and share photos or experiences and tips. No matter how in love you are with your partner….long roads, heat and frustration will eventually set in….and so might arguments…maybe or maybe not?

The roads are looong….no quick toilet/shop stops and no shady areas, only extreme heat. The amount of petrol you going to use with the air con on all the time will automatically increase your fuel consumption – especially if you have a 4 wheel drive. And you will need to have a 4 wheel drive to navigate through Namibia. Then consider breakdowns, tyres, wear and tear on your vehicle on those rough dirt roads. And don’t forget when you get back home you will have inherited a few new sounds and squeaks coming from your much loved vehicle. I know as I have previously done a road trip from Cape Town to Fish River Canyon only!! With a short spoil at Ais Ais….then back on the road to Cape Town…that was enough! Let alone touring the whole of Endless Namibia!

With a rental car it still does not work out much cheaper as you will need to hire a 4 wheel drive and we know those Pappas come at a price…then still add petrol price onto that, and insurance. All that sales talk about 24 hr helpline doesn’t help when you stuck at Sossusvlei in the thick Namibian Sand. We had to stop and help a vehicle get out of the sand. Not everyone is going to stop and help you. Then you will need to buy data and air time to contact your accommodation if you are late for check in or if your vehicle breaks down and you need roadside assistance or possibly you took the wrong turn as your GPS was not connecting? We saw 2 vehicles the most in a day on those long roads….so it’s not that easy to wait for the next car to come by and get help. You really on your own. This is not Europe or even South Africa; this is Namibia – the world’s 34th largest country. Plus your GPS won’t work in some areas due to bad signal.

We had the most unforgettable experience with Safari2go and it was so convenient and relaxing!! A true holiday! We did not have to take a break from our holiday once we got back home…. if you know what I mean. When you are more exhausted when you get back home from the drives, lack of sleep and debates of where to next or “are we there yet?”

Safari2go and Cardboard box gave us excellent service and were very professional. And worth very cent!! Plus our Etosha Safari was Amazing!!  We saw more that we could ever have expected…even witnessed a lion roar! Read about our experience here:

And once you had climbed Dune 45 and perhaps tried another dune, trust me you will want to sit back and open a drink and relax on the way back to the lodge. Read about our experience here

We took the sleepliner Intercape bus from Cape Town to Windhoek which was how we preferred to save on some cash, at the same time having a chance to see some of the countryside.

We booked the 10 day Namibian Highlights Safari, which included Etosha National Park, Sossusvlei, Dune 45, Tylfelfontin paintings, to just name a few. It was amazing and we had 2 days of leisure which we spend one day at the pool just enjoying relaxation time and the other day walking about Swakopmund Safari2go leave every Monday guaranteed, so there were only 4 of us that booked for that Monday, which meant loads of space for us all in the Mercedes Sprinter 10 seater vehicle!! So don’t delay, book your Namibian trip today with Cardboard box!

**This was not a paid post – all my own photos and editorial on my experience**