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Beached whale given new life in a Sanctuary of Total Bliss

Beached whale given new life in a Sanctuary of Total Bliss

At you open the door to the Ginkgo Luxury Spa Arniston you feel like you have stepped into another world, a sanctuary of total bliss. The ceiling lights form a pattern that flow through the reception area creating a soft light reflecting on the pale wooden parquet flooring. Walls painted in soft blues with large oversized paintings of white flower heads. St Joseph lilies were standing in tall glass vases and soft music plays in the background. The outside world is shut off as the door closes and all that goes through your mind is: “it’s me time and revitalization”, no guilt, no regrets. You tiptoe on light fluffy clouds to the reception desk and announce your arrival.

Once you have filled in the thorough questionnaire forms asking you to give all information relating from your medical condition to your body requirements and facial needs you then get a moment to enjoy Chai tea served in a small cup decorated with a lavender strip. The Chai tea was delicious and warm and added to the fuzzy feel of excitement. It was so good I got to enjoy a big cup at the end in the Relaxation room.

My spoil for the day at Ginkgo Luxury Spa Arniston started with a 20 min sauna. The changing zone was fully kitted out with bath sheets, shampoo, conditioner and body wash for your enjoyment. A generous locker with shower cap, disposable panty, gown, slippers, bag for wet clothes, hangers and a water bottle. So impressive! Everything was well thought of and perfectly planned for your unique Luxury Spa experience and we have only just begun!

I had a quick shower before jumping into the Sauna, a requirement for hygienic reasons.  After 20 min in the spotless clean sauna with towels already lay out, I was ready for my massage and facial.

I climbed onto the bed and lay on my stomach with my hands hanging on my side, and all of a sudden feeling like a beached whale that needed a new life.

My therapist was polite and very professional. She introduced herself before asking what pressure I was comfortable with. After she had massaged she put a hot compress towel on my back before taking the excess oil off. What also impressed me was that she took the time to look at the form I had filled in and knew which areas to focus on. She applied peppermint oil for relaxation and Arnica oil to soften tight muscle mixed with shea butter, and it worked!! I was already starting to feel like a new person and the thought of a beached whale was erased from my mind!

I then turned on my back to end with a facial. A hot moon shape bean bag was placed on my tummy to keep me warm, my legs rested over a long round pillow, and we were set to go. The product that was used on my face was BABOR – a German beauty pioneer that has made headlines as a great brand, using science to create the best facial products for your skin. My facial began with a soft warm steam to open the pores, then a milky cleanser followed, Annie then massaged a powder exfoliator mixed with warm water onto my skin. Powder exfoliators are brilliant for your skin as they do less damage and don’t cause broken capillaries. So if you have fine broken capillaries on your face; don’t stress your facial exfoliator can then be used on your hands instead! You will be able to flaunt those hands after a while. Eye cream is also brilliant to apply to your lips especially if you are a smoker. Annie massaged the mask in to activate and open my pores and regenerate my skins protective barrier. She also touched up my brows. Before stepping off the massage bed, soft warm slippers were put on my feet and I walked out feeling like a Princess.

Before retiring to the change rooms I popped in to the soothing tranquility lounge/Relaxation room. A variety of herbal teas and mineral water were laid out for you to help yourself to and enjoy.

Long loungers with soft fluffy blankets were available to help you keep warm while you relaxed. You could read magazines or just close your eyes and doze off before reuniting with the outside world again.

Annie was my Fabulous Therapist, and she has been a Qualified Therapist for 13 yrs. and working for 2 years at Ginkgo Luxury Spa Arniston at Arniston Spa Hotel. I learnt such a lot about my skin and not only do you leave feeling like you have been given a new lease on life but that damage on your skin has been reversed. She is an outstanding Therapist; do not miss the opportunity to be treated like a Princess, visit Ginkgo Luxury Spa at Arniston – a Sanctuary of Total Bliss awaits!

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