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Finding Nemo comes to life

Finding Nemo comes to life

As the ferry bopped we all sat like school children on an outing, not sure what to expect, having only heard some of the wonders of this little protected island which has so much to offer.  We were the only 7 guests visiting Chumbe Island Coral Park that day.

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Climbing off the ferry we made our way to shore, feet sinking into what can only be described as castor sugar sand and leaving deep clear footprints as we walked. Fresh sea air filled my lungs and spread through my brain cells, opening doors of peace and joy. On arriving Vera waited to wash our feet with a coconut cup filled with water. Chai was our welcome drink. We were each taken to our own bungalow for the day and shown how to use the compost toilets. I felt like a movie star. I was in love and ready to stay forever.

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Snorkeling adventure was included and we could not wait. We jumped into the warm Indian ocean of crystal clear blue waters.  So warm against my body that a wet suit was not needed. Corals of every shape and size surrounded us everywhere with the most beautiful fish that I had only witnessed at an Aquarium.

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A Bat fish was our guide, swimming with us all the way, edging us on to see more. As we swam below to touch the turtles, I remember Nemo asking how long they lived for and there I was wondering the same thing myself. I was mesmerized and felt like I had left earth and was in Finding Nemo, and then right there I saw Bruce the Shark swimming past as fish was not food but friends. We followed the coral reef and on the left I saw the deep, Nemo in my head and wanting to swim out and touch the boat. My eyes were everywhere, trying to take in everything and trying to find Dory. I found peace away from the noise of cars and people. I did not want this experience to be over. I did not want to come to the surface, not because I was afraid of the seagulls calling mine, mine, mine as there were none, but because I knew the moment I lifted my face out of the water the magic would end.

But the magic continued and out of the hat a delicious 3 course menu followed back on land, with the most spellbound view in sight that you can only experience to believe it. We each sat with own private sea view, no windows but only the warm breeze to remind you, that you were not dreaming.

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Before the forest walk we had leisure time to swim in the warm clear ocean or soak up the hot tropical sun. Soft white sand filter through my hands as I touched shells that seem to speak to me, hands itching to take home a memory.  I truly believe this Island fell out of the sky and blessed Tanzania with a touch of heaven. So peaceful and magical, such beauty and with the only Coconut Crabs in the world, this has to be on your bucket list. To book and see more

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