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Zanzibar-Chumbe Island Coral Park lover

Zanzibar-Chumbe Island Coral Park lover

Day Twelve:
We had not changed our time to local time, and so landed up waking an hour later than planned. There was no time for a leisure breakfast, as we had to do a quick dash to the breakfast room to grab a roll and fruit to take with on the road. We needed to get to Mbweni Ruins Hotel (10 min drive South of  Stone Town) where we would meet our ferry to Chumbe Island. Even though it is not far in km’s,  because the road is so bad it takes a while. Finally we arrived and had time to enjoy a good coffee from the hotel while we waited for the ferry.

Chumbe Island Coral Park  is an idyllic tropical island that is situated about 6 km west of the larger island of Zanzibar and about 30 km off the coast of Tanzania in East Africa. A short boat ride takes you to this small, magical island where hospitality is not just a way of business, but a way of life!

We were ready and excited to explore the island’s stunning coral reef sanctuary and coral rag forest, exclusive eco-bungalows and savour traditional Zanzibari cuisine!

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It was an amazing day on the Island, and if you ever get to go to Zanzibar, this is one thing that you must budget and plan for. Chumbe Island Coral Park is amazing!!! Hospitality amazing from everyone including the fish 🙂 On our snorkeling trip, we had a beautiful Bat fish follow us all the time and even came to say good bye at the boat!! They only allow 14 people in total on the Island, and you can only do a day trip if there is availability and that includes the overnight guests. You can only book 2 days in advance, so make allowance for this. We were fortunate that we were only 7 people for the day. The price is 90 USD per person for a Day trip and it includes the ferry trip, snorkelling trip and a forest walk plus a 3 course lunch. It is great value for money!! We paid just for the snorkelling trip with snacks 45 USD for half a day yesterday. The best day of my holiday was today, and next time I will plan to stay overnight. The overnight guests can go snorkelling again in the afternoon and in the evening they do a beach walk looking for the Coconut crabs, which is the largest in the world and the only place that you can find them.

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