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Club Mykonos – Where enjoyment is for everyone

Club Mykonos – Where enjoyment is for everyone

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I visited La Vita Spa at Club Mykonos and it was the perfect location to enjoy rest and relaxation. While children are being taken care of by the Leisure team or while hubby is spending quality time with the kids, this is the perfect place for you to slip away and be treated. Trust me ALL (yes in capital letters, ALL) women need to make time for themselves, and I believe moms never really do that. Money spend or time spend is all about making memories with families, or buying another toy for the kids on holiday, or another X box game to add to their already big collection! But very seldom do women feel that they actually need a holiday and a break at the same time. Even single ladies find they need to spend money on other priorities, when in actual fact your body’s well being is Top Priority. Men somehow seem to get this ratio right and are visiting Spa’s more and more.

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So what a nice surprise it was to find out that the Spa is in the same area as the games and indoor heated pool. A perfect spot to escape into nothing but sweet fragrant smells coming from the candles and incense burning, to soft background music allowing your mind to be still, and not feel guilty for this much needed spoil.

On arrival there is a waiting room where you can help yourself to a glass of red wine, white spritzer cocktail, water or coffee/tea and biscotti biscuits while you fill in your form.


I started with the hydro Jacuzzi – warm soft bubbles in the spa bath and also in a cocktail glass that was offered to me. I had time to just unwind, soften the muscles and enjoy the Jacuzzi in silence with my cocktail drink. Wine is also offered if you want.

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After my Jacuzzi treat I had a 30 min back massage. My therapist was Memory, and she greeted me with a lovely flower clip in her hair and a warm smile.


She wasted no time and got straight into doing my back massage, using a Jasmin essential oil mix that had been warmed. She found the spots and worked them well. I had no idea I had knots in my back until I felt the knots being worked out, it makes sense why I have been feeling grumpy for the last few days. So here is a tip for you, if you feeling a bit grumpy or irritated, you most probably are in dire need of a good massage! She asked me what pressure I wanted and halfway during the treatment she again asked if the pressure was fine. She got to all the knots and tightness in my back and neck. It was a great massage and she even used some “percussion” strokes on my back. Basically that is karate chops on your back (now you know 🙂 ) which is great for increasing blood flow, strengthening the heartbeat (trust me my heart did do a few beats at first) and increases energy but at the same time inducing deeper relaxation.  This actually works by desensitizing the nerves in that area allowing the muscles to relax by letting go of some tension they may be still holding on to. And this really works as I had so much tension in my thoughts and things I had to do, but very soon all was forgotten as I relaxed and enjoyed the massage.


After the massage we went straight into the hydrating facial using Nimune products. I love the Nimune range and I believe if you are going to treat yourself to a Facial, choose one that uses excellent products to really do the job right and penetrate into your skin. And if you having a deep cleanse and have some white heads or black heads that need to be removed, welcome to the new little fierce extracting tool. There is no mercy with this little tool as it gets to the job, and if ever that saying – “no pain, no gain” had any truth to it, now would be the time. Some stubborn “heads” just needed a little more pressure, but after that it was all easy going from there. While the mask was on, Memory did a hand massage for me instead of the head massage. I left the room feeling young again and enjoyed the glass of water she offered me after the treatment.

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I would highly recommend Memory, she is passionate about beauty and knows all about the Nimune product range. She has been working at the Club Mykonos La Vita Spa for a year now.

So if you want to spoil yourself or a loved one, do not delay, book today.  They have a fantastic Winter Warmer special on at the moment.