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Zanzibar-Forests and Monkeys – Jozani Chwaka Bay National Park

Zanzibar-Forests and Monkeys – Jozani Chwaka Bay National Park

Day Five:
We are like real tourists today, we have a full itinerary, cameras in hand, extra batteries and a leap in my walk, excited for what the day has to offer. It’s a beautiful day.  We start of with breakfast at Spice Island hotel, it was not bad. It is right on the waters edge. Got to taste the freshest Pineapple and passion fruit juice ever, so delicious and refreshing and so yummy, oh my gosh. The fruit in Zanzibar is amazing!! Skipped the pancakes, which I wish I had had, by the time lunch time came. Did a lovely stop at the Seaweed Centre, where we took a tour and they showed us how they dry the seaweed. As we had already watched the ladies on the beach farming the seaweed a few days before, it was really great to see the next step of this process.

On arriving we are greeted by a beautiful Zanzibar lady, she pours water on our feet using an empty coconut shell with a wooden stick on for the handle. We have to leave our shoes outside. Our feet are refreshed from the water and we step into the little open shop. We are then treated to a hand massage and rinse with Seawood exfoliator, wow it was amazing. Felt like I was a movie star, totally pampered. After we are taken around, they demonstrate how to scrape the coconut out of the shell, with a special blade. I have to try this, what fun. Half a coconut between my legs I am scraping the coconut out Zanzibar style.  Learned so much, and after making my purchases we leave. In my head, I am saying to myself, don’t do the calculations. Everything is in Dollars or Tanzanian Schilling which is not cheap. Loved this place though.

Next stop was Jozi forest in the Jozani Chwaka Bay National Park to see Red Colombus Monkeys, the only place in the world that you can see them, so privileged to be able to come here and do this, thanks to our amazing friend. And so we begin our forest walk with a guide. The monkeys have red fur on their backs and cute faces. They are quite busy, and I found it difficult to get a good photo. The walk was really great and we had to be careful of the monkeys straight above us. Would love to come and do this again, and maybe choose early morning next time.
Jozani Chwaka Bay National Park  is the only national park in Zanzibar established in 1995, covering an area of 50 square kilometres (19 sq mi), occupying the largest near-natural forest area on Zanzibar.” It is in the Zanzibar Island. Habitats within the park and associated protected lands include groundwater forests, coastal forests, and grassland, with mangroves and salt marsh on the coast. The faunal species found here are the Zanzibar Red Colobus (Piliocolobus kirkii), an endangered species (in the IUCN List) endemic monkey and the Ader’s Duiker; groups of the colobus monkeys are seen close to the park. Wading birds are recorded in the marshy areas along with seaweed.

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We then walk over to see the Mangrove Forest on an elevated board-walk. Mangrove is a not a fruit, but actually means trees growing in the swamps. White, black and red mangroves trees. I learned the difference between each one. It is true, travel is the University of Life, so much to learn in this world. Our walk finished with me having a Mangrove hair pin in my hair, my own invention.


Driving back we stopped to buy some fruit. The litchis here are different, they have spikes on the outside, whereas back home they have a hard shell. Plus you buy them still on the branches, and not separate. They also had lots of Corn on the cob on the fire and got some bananas. Our friend had to leave to go back home, what an amazing day we had with her. So blessed to have had her kindness and that she came all the way out to show us around this part of Zanzibar. What an amazing day of sightseeing.

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As we were going upstairs to bed, found the biggest millipede ever. Tried to kill it 3x, but it would not die. Believe when it is killed, it grows another head and tail, scary stuff. Never slept well, dogs barked all night, which disturbed me. Sat up in bed, fan on and ate popcorn and biltong. Finally in the heat we fell asleep. Tomorrow we leave our house sitting job and go North to stay with our friend for the next few days before we head back home. Have loved the South of Zanzibar, excited for what the North has to offer.